ICE Fall League 2018

Fall League Recap

Division III Players Of The Week-6 Sunday, October 21st

Luke Alvarez (ICE Grey) – 27pts & 11pts
Aaron Kulesza (ICE Grey) – 8pts & 8pts
Ihsan Baig (ICE Black) – 11pts
Carter Davis (ICE Carolina Blue) – 17pts
Luqmaan Quadri (ICE Black) – 8pts
Winston Ericson (ICE Carolina Blue) – 9pts

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Division II Players Of The Week-6 Sunday, October 21st

EJ Breland (ICE White) – 10pts
Rico Dalessandro (ICE Carolina Blue) – 11pts
Eddy Dase (ICE Black) – 12pts
Julian Defrantz (ICE Black) – 8pts & 16pts
Zaine Clemons (ICE Carolina Blue) – 9pts & 13pts
Jaxson Davis (ICE Black) – 29pts & 31pts
Jaylen Griffin (ICE Grey) – 11pts
Al Fincher (ICE White) – 9pts
Nathan Knight (ICE Grey) – 10pts
Reineer Punzal (ICE Grey) – 14pts
Charles Thompson (ICE White) – 10pts
Braylon Walker (ICE Carolina Blue) – 11pts & 13pts
Billy Zitis (ICE Carolina Blue) – 9pts
Jack Wolf (ICE Black) – 9pts

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Division I Players Of The Week-6 Sunday, October 21st

Dru DeFrantz (ICE Carolina Blue) – 25pts
Steven Tran (ICE Carolina Blue) – 10pts
Aiden Flowers (ICE Carolina Blue) – 25pts
Davee Flowers (ICE Black) – 11pts
Ryan Modert (ICE Black) – 28pts
Kyle Reiger (ICE Black) – 12pts

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